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Approved Stockists

At Humber Distribution, we only sell to our own network of Approved Stockists.

Joining this exclusive network is completely FREE but is subject to your application being rubber stamped by our in-house team.

Why Only Approved Stockists?

As we manufacture our own products, at great expense, in the UK, we want to ensure that we work more closely with our retail partners. If we sold our products to any and every Joe, Mabel or Paul who came along, we would end up with our products being sold without any care and retailers would most likely have to continually offer discounts just to compete! 

What's Wrong With Big Discounts and Huge Sales?

We believe that continually discounting products and offering on-going sales is detrimental to product value and sustainability. When we sell direct to trade, we do so with a price point that allows our retail partners to make a decent profit on every order. If the only USP (unique selling point) is that you're cheaper than everyone else, it can quickly lead to competitive price wars and reductions that leave you with an unsustainable business model. There should be plenty of profit to allow everyone to pay a fair wage to their staff and adjust for unforeseen costs related to the ever changing face of retail.

How Do I Become An Approved Stockist?

It's easy. Simply 'Create An Account' and fill out the details, a member of our team will get back to you within 2 - 3 working days having reviewed your application. If they need more information, they'll let you know by email.

Ideally, an Approved Stockist will have a retail store/warehouse and/or an up to date website complete with contact details. Applications by those who only have Facebook pages or eBay/Amazon shops may be rejected, as we only sell our wares to official outlets who display up to date contact information for their customers.

If you have any queries prior to making your application, please email and a member of our team will try to help!